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Every cloth has a story 

Satisfied Customers

Good customer service, always high quality and efficient. Prices are also excellent and the owner is a lovely guy. More than happy with the quality of the wash. Would definitely use again :)

Yelda Rachid

Discovering the "Dry Cleaners and Launderette" just a stone's throw away from my hotel was an absolute stroke of luck during my recent trip. This place turned out to be a jackpot among laundromats, offering both laundry services and dry cleaning. I couldn't have been happier with my find.

Birdie Joseph

Highly recommended! Same day services. Professional and respectful staff. :)

Our Aim 

Over the past forty years our business has relied on our fantastic local customer base.  We have built a strong relationship with our customers based on trust, hard work, as well as commitment for high quality customer service.   Our aim is to continue to provide excellent customer service and grow our business without compromising the quality of work.    

Our Commitment 

We operate seven days a week to provide convenience  for our customers and business partners.  This allows them to utilise our service on demand.   We provide a pick up and drop off service from your home, office, or your business centre.   We are fully committed to making sure our service delivers excellence to our customers at all times seven days a week.   

Our operation covers a wide area of Fulham, Hammersmith, Chelsea, Putney and Chiswick.   

Why Choose Us 


Forty  years of experience 


Easy pick up & drop off


Eco friendly & non toxic materials 

Our Washing Products 


Eco Friendly 

Eco laundry detergents are biodegradable and nontoxic.  Eco-friendly laundry detergents have multiple benefits, such as reducing water pollution, conserving energy, and being better for our health than conventional detergents.


Fabric Softener

Softener helps maintain fabrics in better condition for longer periods of time, preventing colors from fading and fibers from becoming matted or frayed. Fabric conditioners can also help improve absorbency, allowing clothes to dry faster, and saving energy as well as money on drying costs.


Our Washing Machines

Our washing machines are quick and efficient, with our unique washing liquid it will keep your garments clean and fresh.  The benefits for our customers is unlike traditional washing or home washing machines, industrial scale washing machines can outperform standard home washing machines for quality wash. 

Get in Touch

282 Lillie Rd, London SW6 7PX

020 7385 6162

Mon - Sat :

08:00am - 19:00PM

Sun : 10:00 AM - 19:00

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